Digital Labels

    We print labels if it is one label or one million labels
    Digital technology allow fast turnaround and photo quality labels integrating static and variable dddata in one go
    This is a boon to manufacturers who produce value added products in small quantitiesit is essential when variable data is required alog with brand imaging
    GHS labels which impart colour pictograms are well suited for digital printing technology
    Opes Label employ various technologies available in the market place such as inkjet, Dry toner technology, liquid toner technology,dye sublimation technology, digital UV printing, digital embossing etc.
    We can provide labels printed on paper as well as a host of filmic substrates
    Digital labels are availabel in rolls, sheet of as fanfold stock

Conventional labels

We undertake custom label printing for various industrial, consumer and pharma products employing latest flexo printing technologies and design concepts for brand value andincorporating updated statutory requirements for label application in these industries.

Printing Processes/Finishes

    One to five spot-color designs
    Four-color process
    UV spot varnish (gloss or matte)
    UV full-coverage varnish
    water based varnish
    Hot stamp foil embossing
    sheet cutting
    Fan folding

Label Materials

    White paper label stock (gloss or matte)
    Foil label stock (shiny or dull)
    Coated or uncoated label stock
    Vinyl (bumper stickers)
    Outdoor or light-fast stock
    Kraft stock
    Thermal stock
    Garment label material (satin, nylon, cotton twill, thermal, woven)

Label Adhesives

    Destructible (breaks apart if tampered)
    Void (tamper-evident labels)

What information do we need to provide for a price quote?

    Label Size – Length (left to right) x Height (top to bottom) in inches
    Label application ( machine application' manual application
    Number of Colors in Art Design – Is your art print-ready or do you need help with design?
    Knife cut (Square Edge) or Die cut (Please specify the shape: rectangle, circle, oval, special)
    Material (White Paper, Foil, Polyester, etc.)
    Adhesive (Permanent, Removable, temperature resistant)
    Special Finishes (UV Coating, Matte Coating, Lamination, Hot Stamp, Embossing, Dome, etc.)
    Special requirements ( water resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance)
    Number of Designs (How many different prints/copies?)
    Total Quantity (Please include quantities per design/version)
    Timeline: Do you need this by a specific date?